I’m sitting on my balcony (yes, I have a balcony), having an ice cold beer (yes, I drink beer.. occasionally) while my gorgeous man servant with the hottest abs you’ve ever seen is giving me a foot rub (ok, I made that bit up, but if there are any gorgeous man servants out there who just want to hang out, give me a call) and I realise that there are very few things, if any to complain about. I know that there are things that could be better, but let’s say I was asked to trade something that makes me really happy right now for something that has the potential to make me happy in the future… Would I? I doubt it very much. I have an incredible son who’s only real problem is that he’s a lazy teenager (show me one who isn’t), an amazing career making people laugh (how many people get to say that? Well I have an idea, since I’m in the industry, so it was rhetorical) and I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world where, on a perfect day like today, I can think of nowhere else I’d rather be. Imagine having to trade any of the above for something that I’m not even sure is going to be half as awesome. What if I get a raw deal, just cause I’m ungrateful? Hell no! I’m keeping my extraordinary life… Cause if you don’t do your best with what you have, why would you need more?