It’s the last day of February. Apparently this month was supposed to be the month of love. I’m not sure how much we were celebrating the love this month though. I’ve been hit on by quite a few men who are in relationships & one of them even blamed me! As a single woman, it makes me wonder if there are any good ones left out there or if I’m just better giving up on the idea of romantic love. But the answer to that is “NO!” We are not all created equal. I will not allow a handful of rotten apples spoil the whole bunch. You see, the thing is, we cannot judge all men by the actions of a few, however stupid those actions are. Just like I may not judge future relationships by the actions of the past fools I’ve dated. Because when I was with them, they were lovely fools and I need to remember that the awful bits at the end of the relationship shouldn’t define the whole relationship. There were good bits too. There seems to be an inherent ability in most of us to filter out the good and cling to the bad which sometimes leads us to believe that life is this terrible thing that we need to ‘get through’ instead of trying to do the reverse. Sift through the garbage & embrace the amazing so that you can be grateful for the happy memories and the lessons learned. It’ll give you a new perspective on life, love and everything in between.

In the meantime, I won’t sweat the small stuff. I’m going to continue loving every second of single life and when the person of my dreams eventually comes parachuting (because I prefer a man who isn’t afraid of a bit of adventure… he can’t be a scaredy-cat if he’s gonna be with me!) into my life, I’ll be ready for the next chapter.